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The following article appeared in the March 2008 issue of the Canadian Paper Money Society Newsletter. It is an original work of the author, Brent W.J. Mackie. All rights reserved. © Copyright 2008 Brent W.J. Mackie.

New 1954 G/R Test Note Found

By: Brent W.J. Mackie

This newly-discovered 1954 $2 G/R test note was purchased as part of a lot of 1954 $2 notes from a seller in the United States. The note appeared briefly on the Canadian Paper Money Forums in late February but was not made available for purchase. The note did however trade hands a few days later at the Torex show in Toronto. The note now resides with a private collector who has provided scans of this note for the Newsletter and the G/R test note registry.

Register Of 1954 G/R Series $2 Test Notes

By: Brent W.J. Mackie

Range I: G/R 0000001 to G/R 0079999 (79,999 notes)
1954 $2 G/R0058107 (Bea/Ras) VG private collection --/--
1954 $2 G/R0067995 (Bea/Ras) AU eBay (01-Aug-2005), priv. coll. 55/--
Range II: G/R 5280000 to G/R 5367999 (88,000 notes)
1954 $2 G/R5280001 (Bea/Ras) VG National Currency Collection 55/73
1954 $2 G/R5318626 (Bea/Ras) VG private collection 55/74
1954 $2 G/R5348546 (Bea/Ras) VG+ Torex Auction (22-Jun-2007) --/--
Range III: G/R 5400001 to G/R 5480000 (80,000 notes)
1954 $2 G/R5425880 (Bea/Ras) VG private collection 55/73

Zigler, Michael (2006) Newly Discovered G/R Test Note. Canadian Paper Money Newsletter, Vol 14, p. 86