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This tool is primarily applicable to the latter part of the 1954 Series, the Multicoloured Series, and the early Birds Series.Notes from the other series were not necessarily printed in the formats shown here.

1937 Series:
The lower denominations were printed from 24/on plates (3 across, 8 down) and 12/on plates were used for the higher denominations. To print the small quantities required to finish the last few notes of an order, 4/on plates were used. The notes were "skip-numbered" by 1,000. From 1937 to 1940, the Canadian Bank Note Company skip-numbered its $1 notes by 5,000, but reduced it to skips of 1,000 as for the other denominations.

1954 Series:
The 1954 Devils Face notes were printed in sheets of 24. The modified portrait notes introduced in 1956 were printed in sheets of 32 until 1968 when the printing of sheets of 40 began. In all cases, the notes were skip-numbered by 1,000 as in 1937.

Multicoloured Series:
All of the notes from the Multicoloured series were printed in sheets of 40, with the notes skip-numbered by 500. The arrangement of the sheet differed depending on which banknote company printed the notes. The British American Bank Note Company used 5x8 sheets, and the Canadian Bank Note Company used 4x10 sheets.

Birds Series:
Until some time during the Knight/Dodge reign, all Birds series notes were printed in the same manner as the Multicoloured series, that is, 40 notes to a sheet, skip-numbered by 500, and a different arrangement according to the printing company. Later on though, the Canadian Bank Note Company switched to using 36/on sheets (4x9) for its $20 notes. The number layouts of these sheets have not been adequately understood yet.

Canadian Journey Series:
Since the introduction of this current series, various formats have been used including 36/on, 40/on and 45/on. The exact sheet layouts of specific notes are not sufficiently understood. At the current time, Canadian Bank Note prints its $5 and $10 notes on a 40/on format, and the $20, $50 and $100 notes on a 45/on format. All British American Bank Note sheets are currently 45/on.

Serial Number: (No prefix, 7 digits only)

This tool is not necessarily correct. It is based on best guesses, reasonable assumptions, and available information.The information provided by this tool is only meant as a general guide and should not be considered to be the only possible case.

Thanks to all those involved in helping determine various sheet layouts, including Hudson Byblow.

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